Why Is Streetwear So Expensive?

Fashion is a business with many stakeholders. From the designers, to the brands, to the retailers, and finally to the shoppers. When you buy an article of clothing, what they are paying for is essentially the business model that brought it to you. As a result, streetwear is more expensive than other types of clothing because its business model is different. Streetwear brands are most often distributed through specialty stores and their own e-commerce channels. Some exceptions exist such as Supreme which owns their own brick-and-mortar location in Soho and sends out limited quantities of frequent collections via e-mail subscription. This means that streetwear brands have to rely on higher prices in order to be profitable.

Streetwear has always been a luxury item. Even in the early days of hip-hop, it was difficult to find streetwear for less than $100. Today, prices are skyrocketing. For example, a popular streetwear brand could cost anywhere from $250-$500. Why is that? The reasons why streetwear is expensive now days is because of the scarcity of certain items and the lack of competition in the market. While this may be good and bad for consumers, some would rather save their money than blow it on something they'll probably outgrow soon anyways. Check out this blog post to see how you can wear your clothes longer and get more bang for your buck!

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