Kurudikku Japanese Box Logo


Like you, I have a passion for streetwear. I also have a passion for saving money! When I started my streetwear journey I couldn't believe some of the price tags I was seeing from my new favorite brands. I wanted these cool clothes and these high quality garments but I couldn't justify it. That's when I started making my own clothing. I got to designing art that I'd like to wear in my own style. I started sourcing the best quality materials I could find. Then I started wearing them! Friends eventually noticed and asked about it, so I made a shirt here and there until I was making so many I outgrew my little bedroom operation. I saw that I was not alone in wanting a better price for the style I enjoyed and I decided to start Kurudikku. My aim is to match the quality you see from the mainstream brands and sell at a price anyone can afford. Streetwear shouldn't be gatekept behind a paywall and we're hoping to fix that.


I hope you enjoy my clothes